Charity shop thrifting tips

Decided to give charity shops a try but not sure where to start? Ok everyone’s had the experience of walking into a charity shop and being hit with a wall of stale, pungent air that conjures up an image of the recently deceased. Pushing past this, and breathing as little as possible, you may haveContinue reading “Charity shop thrifting tips”

Know the Origin

Loads of ethical clothing brands in one place in a London shop Know The Origin is a UK marketplace which curates hundreds of sustainable and ethical clothing. Best thing is they now have a pop up store in Angel, London open until at least Sep 2021. Location Angel Central, Angel, London Men and women’s wearContinue reading “Know the Origin”

Charity shop thrifting in London

London is massive and full of charity shops – where are the best areas to plunder? If you don’t have cash to splurge, charity shops are a goldmine – here are some locations with good clusters. Angel, Islington Location Angel tube station Angel is a gorgeous area to wander around because of the period houses,Continue reading “Charity shop thrifting in London”

Shops in London that sell ethical clothes

Where can I find actual shops in London that sell ethical clothing? Woohoo! I’ve finally found some actual physical shops in London that I can go to and try on clothes and buy ethically. Know the Origin Know The Origin is a UK marketplace which curates hundreds of sustainable and ethical clothing. Best thing is theyContinue reading “Shops in London that sell ethical clothes”

Why is it so hard to find sandals?

I want sandals that are beautiful and comfortable. Why do I have to choose between style and being able to walk properly? Are there any sustainable options? Hurray – summer is here but yet again I’m landed with the annual problem of not being able to find a good pair of sandals. I want aContinue reading “Why is it so hard to find sandals?”


What is Thought? Are they ethical? What are their clothes like? Thought is a UK online retailer with a pretty big range. Although I wasn’t aware of them until recently, they started back in 1995 in Australia and changed their name from Braintree Clothing in 2017. Online only Ships to the UK Women and Men’sContinue reading “Thought”

Why should I care about fast fashion?

What is fast fashion? Why is it bad? What’s the alternative? Join the revolution in sustainable shopping! Go to any town or city in Britain and you’ll find the same thing – a high street packed with shops offering a dizzying array of affordable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. An ever changing offering of newContinue reading “Why should I care about fast fashion?”