Natural fabrics

Why you should check what your clothes are made from before you buy Most clothes these days are made from plastic – find out why this a serious problem and why clothes made from natural fabrics are a better choice. What are plastic clothes? When you look at the label of a piece of clothingContinue reading “Natural fabrics”

Fast fashion – quotes from the experts

So what do the experts have to say about fast fashion? Here are some quotes from academics, campaign groups and industry leaders On production “The fashion industry’s use of chemical substances not only pose environmental risks, but health risks for those involved in the industry.” – Dr Patsy Perry, Manchester University “While many garments areContinue reading “Fast fashion – quotes from the experts”

Fast fashion – the stats

OK so you know fast fashion is bad – the stats will shock you into action Collections In Europe, fashion companies went from an average offering of two collections per year in 2000 to five in 2011. European Parliament Zara puts out 24 collections per year, while H&M offers between 12 and 16. European ParliamentContinue reading “Fast fashion – the stats”

Read up on fast fashion

A lot has been written on the topic of fast fashion – here’s a collect of some shockingly informative articles and reports Timeout for fast fashion Greenpeace Your brand new returns end up in landfill BBC Earth Clothing to dye for: the textile sector must confront water risks Guardian, Aug 13 How your clothes areContinue reading “Read up on fast fashion”

Why is it so hard to find sandals?

I want sandals that are beautiful and comfortable. Why do I have to choose between style and being able to walk properly? Are there any sustainable options? Hurray – summer is here but yet again I’m landed with the annual problem of not being able to find a good pair of sandals. I want aContinue reading “Why is it so hard to find sandals?”

Online ethical and sustainable fashion UK

What ethical online brands are there that ship to the UK? These brands have an ethical or sustainable organisational policy and all ship to the UK. Organic Basics Organic Basics is an online fashion brand that sells beautiful, ethical basics. Yes it’s pricey but investing in quality basics that you will wear day after dayContinue reading “Online ethical and sustainable fashion UK”

How do I shop ethically?

I know fast fashion is bad but what can I do? What if a brand isn’t 100% ethical? Ok so you want to avoid fast fashion and protect the planet but how do you do it? Let’s face it, with fast fashion and single use plastics the norm in our society, nobody is going toContinue reading “How do I shop ethically?”

Why should I care about fast fashion?

What is fast fashion? Why is it bad? What’s the alternative? Join the revolution in sustainable shopping! Go to any town or city in Britain and you’ll find the same thing – a high street packed with shops offering a dizzying array of affordable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. An ever changing offering of newContinue reading “Why should I care about fast fashion?”