Fast fashion – quotes from the experts

So what do the experts have to say about fast fashion? Here are some quotes from academics, campaign groups and industry leaders

On production

“The fashion industry’s use of chemical substances not only pose environmental risks, but health risks for those involved in the industry.”
Dr Patsy Perry, Manchester University

“While many garments are designed in the US or EU, they are often produced in developing countries. That not only increases fabric waste through poor communication of requirements, but regulations around pollution are often less strict in the countries of manufacture. The waste water is going out into freshwater streams and polluting the rivers that people are fishing and living from.”
Dr Patsy Perry, Manchester University

On logistics

“The global nature of the fashion industry means clothes may have travelled around the world several times during manufacture.”
Dr Patsy Perry, Manchester University

On consumption

“The UK has a particular problem when it came to fast fashion. We buy more clothing per head than any other country in Europe, including nearly twice as much as Italians, who are better known for their fashion sense.”
Libby Peake of the Green Alliance

On returns

“We know that many of the products that are returned end up in landfill before we even use them which only adds to the vast amounts of used items already ending up in landfill… These products use precious resources which are becoming scarce and we are throwing them away unnecessarily.”
Sarah Needham from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at University of the Arts London

On solutions

“I don’t think people are going to stop buying stuff, but creating a business model where you’re making it easier for them to make sustainable choices is the money shot.”
Ann Starodaj, Senior Director of Sustainability at Optoro

“Consumers must understand fashion as more of a functional product rather than entertainment, and be ready to pay higher prices that account for the environmental impact of fashion.”
Dr Patsy Perry, Manchester University

“Slow fashion is the only sustainable future for the industry and the planet.”
Libby Peake of the Green Alliance


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