Why is it so hard to find sandals?

I want sandals that are beautiful and comfortable. Why do I have to choose between style and being able to walk properly? Are there any sustainable options?

Hurray – summer is here but yet again I’m landed with the annual problem of not being able to find a good pair of sandals. I want a pair of comfortable, timeless, stylish sandals ethically made from natural materials. Is that too much to hope for? Evidently yes because what’s on offer appears to be a choice between an elaborate strappy, gilded thing encrusted with diamonds that I can’t physically squeeze my apparently ginormous foot into or what on first glance appears to be a medical support shows with a thick sole and a boat-like width.

Throughout the years I’ve grabbed a few gems that I wore down to the soles of my feet but nothing lasts forever.

So here I will document my latest search for sandals and I would love any suggestions or help you can give. Ok here’s the first contender.

  1. Dr. Martens sandals

Not gonna lie, back in the day I was a bit of a goth so I’m no stranger to Dr Martens. No longer a teenager, I wonder if I can still pull off this kind of shoe but a pair featured on A Small Wardrobe made me want to give them a chance.

Are they ethical? Dr. Martens have an in-depth Sustainability section on their website and a Modern Slavery Act statement. However good on you has rated them Not Good Enough. Not ideal ethically but I’m struggling to find other options.

The style I’ve chosen is GRYPHON BRANDO STRAP SANDALS – a black, classic shape in leather.

OK I’m off to the shop to try them on. My favourite branch in London is the Covent Garden shop. I’ll report back on my findings 🙂

The verdict? Too boaty. The search continues…

2. Leather Mexican huaraches!

When all else fails Etsy is often the answer. Had a search on there and immediately found what I was looking for. I owned a pair of these Mexican huaraches before that I found in a charity shop and they were prefect – comfortable, cute, classic and went with everything.

Are they ethical? Everything sold on Etsy is supposed to be vintage or crafted. To be honest I can’t find specific information about this particular seller but according to Etsy’s policy, we’re good.

Can’t wait for them to arrive!


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