What is Thought? Are they ethical? What are their clothes like?

Thought is a UK online retailer with a pretty big range. Although I wasn’t aware of them until recently, they started back in 1995 in Australia and changed their name from Braintree Clothing in 2017.

  • Online only
  • Ships to the UK
  • Women and Men’s wear
  • good on you rating Good

Is it ethical? Yes. Thought is an independent, organically grown business and as the name suggests they’ve put a lot of thought into sustainability and ethics.

So how are the clothes?
So I’ve only bought one thing from this shop so far!

Men’s wear

Raffaele Sweater

My partner needed a new jumper and to stop him gathering another nylon item that would wear into holes at the armpits and develop an unnatural shiny luster after the first wash, I volunteered to help. I couldn’t find anything suitable at the obvious choices so I experimented with Thought. Much to my delight the item is made of beautiful, soft thick cotton and looks pretty smart.


I’ve only just started with this brand – can’t wait to invest in more.


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