People Tree

Who are People Tree? The clothes are Fairtrade but are they nice?

People Tree is an old-school Fairtrade fashion brand. I have vague associations with the mumsy, hippy attire you’d find in fringe Fairtrade shops of nether years but no longer. People Tree has moved into the new millennia with an online shop and a delightful range. This pioneer of ethical fashion has come into its own with the new demand for clean fashion.

  • Online only
  • Ships to the UK
  • Womenswear
  • Good on you rating Great

Is it ethical? As the proudly displayed Fairtrade logo announces, you can’t get better. People Tree are conscious fashion pros who where there at the beginning and continue to lead the way. Read their story and check out at all these delicious logos.

So it’s ethical but are the clothes wearable?

Here are the items I’ve bought personally from People Tree. As you’ll see, I’ve started out my experimentation with basics since it’s hard to go wrong. When investing in new sustainable clothes I tend to stay conservative and leave wild experimentation to my vintage and preloved finds.

Soft Bra Top

I’ve been on the hunt for a simple, supportive, comfy, organic cotton bra for a while. I’m always wary of none lingerie brands selling lingerie but at £18 I couldn’t resist giving this one a try. This was my first taste of People Tree purchasing and, I was so impressed that I bought a few more.

Nicole Bodysuit in Black

If you’ve read my Everlane post, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a bodysuit. I couldn’t resist this Fairtrade, organic cotton offering. I was slightly startled to find there are no buttons and you basically have to climb into it but it fits well and looks good!

Yoga Racer Back Vest In Black

I’m done with strappy vests. Yes they keep me cool in summer but that’s not worth the trade off of having to look down at my chest every 4 seconds to check my cleavage isn’t spilling. This racer back vest is a good alternative – nice high neck and flattering back. Plus I can use it for that yoga class I’ve been planning to join for the last 3 years.

Helka Trousers In Navy

Ok these were a bit of a gamble but I’ve been hunting for the perfect high-waisted pant and these looked like a contender. Navy looks so chic with white and brown so I ditched the black and opted for these. The cotton is gorgeously soft and the style is flattering. The size was slightly bigger than expected but, as there’s elastic in the waist and I have a preference for slightly larger trousers to extenuate the waist, I’m extremely happy with these.


I love this brand and I’ll be buying more. I’m just upset they don’t make shoes…


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