It’s cool. It’s affordable. It says it’s ethical but is it?

Everlane is an online fashion brand that claims to be ethical. The clothes are stylish, the price is affordable so I really want to believe it is. There has however been controversy about how ethical Everlane really is.

  • Online only
  • Ships to the UK
  • Men and women’s wear
  • good on you rating Not Good Enough

So is it ethical? Everlane show transparency about the factories their clothes are made in and have a comprehensive sustainability policy. However they still have a way to go and good on you has given them a rating of Not Good Enough.

How are the clothes? Here are the items I’ve bought personally from Everlane.

Women’s wear

Long-Sleeve V-Neck Bodysuit

Maybe it’s nostalgia for the 90s when I thought I was the coolest in my Tammy Girl bodysuit and cut off jeans shorts or maybe it’s that they remind me of ballet but I love a bodysuit. This one is made from beautifully thick cotton. As a tall woman, I bought a size larger than normal and thank goodness it fits like a glove. Problem was it is too low cut for comfort and for a while I was starting to regret my purchase. Then I had the genius idea of wearing it backwards and now, with the high neck and low cut back, I can’t get enough of it.

The Pima Stretch Long-Sleeve

This one is no longer available but I really like it. Thin and light without being see-through and beautifully soft – a super basic that can be worn with anything. Here’s actual me in it:

The Cotton Bralette

This did not work for me at all because of the lack of support.

Men’s wear

The Relaxed Summer Jean

Bought these for my partner. Very soft cotton but they don’t look as good at the vintage Wranglers they replaced.

The Chore Pant

Every man needs a pair of chinos. You don’t want to get a pair that are too old-man, M&S wide or TopMan skinny. These were pretty good in a pleasing warm brown and I also bought a similar pair in blue.

365 Fleece Hoodie

My partner requested a hoodie and, although horrified by the association of youths with asbos and men in there 30s riding skateboards, I indulged him with this. It’s surprisingly nice! Very thick and cozy with the fleece lining. He’s had it for a year now and it still looks great.

OK, Everlane aren’t perfect but they’re a damn sight better that the flock of plastic weaving charlatans on the high street. Their range is incredible, their clothes are stylish and well-made, I just really hope they step up their ethics so I can buy more.


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