Organic Basics

What is Organic Basics? Is it ethical? Are the clothes worth the cost?

Organic Basics is an online fashion brand that sells beautiful, ethical basics. Yes it’s pricey but investing in quality basics that you will wear day after day until they wear out makes the cost worth it.

  • Online only
  • Ships to the UK
  • Men and women’s wear
  • good on you rating Great

Is it ethical? Yes! The founding ethos of this brand is putting sustainable thinking at the center of everything. Check out the Organic Basics story and this useful guide to clean fashion.

So how are the clothes?
Here are the items I’ve bought personally. As they are on the pricey side, I’ve been asking for items as gifts when people ask what I want for my birthday and Christmas. I also always seem to be able to find coupons for this brand floating about on YouTube.

Women’s wear

TENCEL™ Lite Turtleneck

Who doesn’t love a black turtleneck? Goes with everything, looks chic, comfy – it’s an essential basic. This one feels luxurious and looks great on me. I’ve washed it a few times and it still looks new.

SilverTech™ Basic Bra

I’m a basic bra bitch. This one hits all my demands – organic cotton, comfy, supportive, good for posture. The only thing I’d say against it is that there’s no seam in the center which can create what feels like a kind of mono-boob.

Men’s wear

Organic Cotton Tee

Bought this for my partner and, although it’s expensive for a white Tee, he looks really hot in it and it’s washed well.

Organic Cotton Boxers

Same goes for these bad boys haha.

Verdict on Organic Basics

You just can’t argue with looks good, feels good, super ethical and timeless. Although I’d like to buy out the store, my cash situation means I’ll continue my slow investment in basics from this brand.

Stay tuned!


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